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iPhone 5s now shipping in 2 to 3 weeks


Good news to all of you still trying to get your hands on the new iPhone 5s; Apple's official ship times in the US online store now list the flagship iPhone as shipping in two to three weeks. That goes for all models of the iPhone 5s, in all storage sizes and all colors -- including gold.

The two- to three-week ship time, while still frustratingly long for those longing for the 5s, is much better than the rather ambiguous "October" ship time still listed for Apple online stores in Europe and many other pats of the world.

However, no matter what country you are in, if you don't want to wait two to three weeks for your iPhone 5s, you could always try your luck and just walk into an Apple store to see what's available. Each retail store gets daily shipments of the various models, and though the pickings are slim, chances are if you try often enough, you'll walk out with an iPhone 5s sooner than you would get one if you waited three weeks for it to ship.

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