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Amazon: Watch Dogs PS4 bundle pre-orders will get the system on time [Update: GameStop responds]


Update: GameStop has sent out an email to customers who pre-ordered the Watch Dogs PS4 bundle, which Pixel Enemy has posted online. These customers may either elect to receive their console on time and get the game separately, when it ships later, or exchange the bundle entirely for another.

Those that pre-ordered a PS4 launch bundle packaged that was slated to include Watch Dogs will still receive their consoles on time, Amazon reassured buyers. The news follows Watch Dogs' delay to spring 2014, along with a delay for Ubisoft's racer The Crew.

In an update on the bundle's product page, Amazon noted that "all orders for the Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 bundle will keep their place in line and we will fulfill the PlayStation 4 (without the Watch Dogs game) in accordance with your current delivery estimate."

Amazon added that it is "working on adjusting these orders and will update you as soon as we know more." Stock for the launch-day bundles have come and gone, and include Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Battlefield 4.

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