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Infinite Crisis trailer introduces Atomic Green Lantern

MJ Guthrie

Sometimes, being a hero is more than a difficult job, it's a downright painful experience. Such is the case for the newest champion to join the Infinite Crisis line-up: Atomic Green Lantern. Hailing from a destroyed civilization, this Hal Jordan's ring has been powered-up with a radioactive isotope after being mysteriously deactivated (and the subsequent loss of his right arm). Unfortunately, that new power source comes with a cost -- a shorter, more painful life.

In game, Atomic Green Lantern is a melee bruiser with skills that inflict that deadly radiation on others, such as Scorched Earth and Meltdown. Catch some tips and hints for using these skills and more in the Atomic Green Lantern spotlight video after the break.

[Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment press release]

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