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The Secret World explains details on the new Augment system

Eliot Lefebvre

There's already a lot of flexibility for players in The Secret World's ability system, but there's room for more customization. Sure, you've got your eight active and eight passive abilities, but what if you could have eight more slots to customize your behavior? That's the core idea behind the new Augment system, a marriage of new skills, loot, and abilities that allows you to turn your existing build and fine-tune it even more carefully.

Augments come in four categories: Assault, Healing, Support, and Survivability, roughly analogous to the roles currently present in the game. Each active ability can have an Augment slotted into it depending on its type, and each Augment requires the leveling of a skill related to the Augment, the AP necessary to learn the new Augment, and the loot necessary to make one. Take a look at the full rundown for a more detailed explanation on how you can take your gun-wielding punch artist to the next level of mastery.

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