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Mighty Switch Force 2 cannons onto Wii U tomorrow


Mighty Switch Force 2 will make a splash on Wii U when it comes to the system's eShop in tomorrow's North American update. According to developer WayForward, other regions will get the firefighting platformer eight days later on October 25.

WayForward's sequel makes the jump from 3DS to Wii U just like the first MSF did, so we'd expect off-TV support to feature once again. MSF 2 switches Patricia Wagon's vocation by replacing her gun with a water cannon, a perhaps minor move but one that JC Fletcher was happy with when he played it on 3DS: "I am totally okay with this, because Mighty Switch Force didn't need to change. It's an impressively economical 3DS game that packs a lot of interesting phase-shifting puzzle platforming into a relatively small set of levels, and the sequel fits the same description to a tee."

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