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The Long Dark successfully moves one step closer to seeing daylight


Hinterland Studio's The Long Dark's Kickstarter concluded today, gathering $256,217 of a $200,000 CAD goal. The campaign reached two of its stretch goals, adding a downloadable graphic novel to the game's production and doubling the original soundtrack planned for the game.

"It feels great. It's been a really emotional experience for the entire team. Exhausting. But it feels great," Creative Head of Hinterland Studios Raphael van Lierop told us about reaching the end of this long, dark month of fundraising. "We did what we set out to do."

Hinterland Studio, a collection of triple-A industry vets, plans to launch the first-person survival simulation emphasizing exploration in a stark, post-disaster setting on PC, Mac and Linux in the fall of 2014.

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