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PS4 demo kiosks will let you try out Sony's baby, if you can find one


If you're itching to go hands on with the PlayStation 4's super comfy DualShock 4 prior to next month's launch, Sony has you covered. Today the company announced it's rolling out PS4 demo kiosks stocked with a handful of games to select retailers, and to help you locate one, Kaz and friends setup a website to find a store near you.

It isn't working exactly as planned however, and instead of showing if your local Best Buy or GameStop has a unit on display, it's populating results with rather peculiar listings in addition to Sony stores. Numerous tweets are reporting units listed everywhere from solar panel companies to massage parlors; our only local setup is listed at a computer shop, for instance. We called a local Best Buy and were told the store had a unit set up, but a trio of GameStops said they wen't sure if or when they'd have one. Even if you have to call your favorite store and check availability before trekking out, it might be more convenient than Microsoft's major-city bus tour.

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