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The Witness at least tripled in size during development


Following up on a recent playthrough, Braid developer Jonathan Blow revealed that his upcoming PC and PlayStation 4 open-world adventure game The Witness ballooned in scope during development, and now spans between 25 and 40 hours of gameplay.

"Just the other week, we played through the game from start to finish, to get a fresh perspective and to see everything that is here," Blow explains. "Originally I had meant to design an 8-hour game, but The Witness is more like 25-40 hours depending on how much you play (some of the game is optional)!"

Announced for the PlayStation 4 at the console's reveal event earlier this year, The Witness is an independently financed puzzler that Blow describes as "a game about epiphany - that instantaneous transition of the mind that takes you from confusion to understanding." A release date has not been announced.

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