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'Google Play Newsstand' could bring digital newspaper subscriptions to Android soon


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You can already download anything from TV shows to magazines from Google Play, so it's no surprise that newspaper subscriptions might come in the future. Android Police tore down the upcoming Google Play version 4.4., and it strongly hints at a portal called Newsstand. It's not exactly brand new -- it first appeared as Play News within the store's website code earlier this year -- but the recent discovery makes the section's debut look more likely. While there's no concrete info at this point, a close scrutiny of the APK's code has revealed that the Magazines section might merge with it, creating a centralized store for virtual readables. That makes sense, considering it's most likely designed as a competition to the iOS app of the same name. The code also hints at a free trial, but you know what'll make the service better? If newspapers offer free digital versions to print subscribers from the start.

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