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Sorcery! Part 2 to weave its tale in November, Part 1 gets update

The second installment of Sorcery!, the choose-your-own-adventure collaboration between developer Inkle and Fighting Fantasy co-creator Steve Jackson, will continue its battle-savvy story on the App Store this November. The game's introduction has also been granted an update in preparation for the incoming continuation.

Part 2, also referred to as Khare: Cityport of Traps, will "double the narrative content of the first game," introduce "new enemy types, more complex story branches" and add other "gameplay enhancements," the related press release states.

Part 2 can be played on its own, but this week's update to Part 1 will allow saves to be implemented into Part 2 in November. The update also introduced the option of leading a female protagonist through the quest, as well as a "3D spellcasting system" to replace the initial spellbook.

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Cult classic gamebook series Steve Jackson's Sorcery! went digital this spring when a critically acclaimed adaptation of the first book, The Shamutanti Hills, arrived on the App Store (!/id627879091). Today developer inkle has released a major update in anticipation of the sequel, Kharé: Cityport of Traps, which is coming in November.

In Sorcery! Part 1, a fresh new hero sets out across the vast Shamutanti Hills to recover the elusive Crown of Kings. Armed with only your wits, your sword, and your spellbook, you must outsmart fatal traps and overcome bloodthirsty monsters to reach the locked gate of Kharé. Beyond this is a sprawling city on the brink of revolution -- a place filled with thieves, weird creatures, secrets, and magic to be explored in the upcoming Sorcery! Part 2. In both games, the interactive narrative literally writes itself based on your choices. Learn more at:

Today's Sorcery! Part 1 update is a free download for those who already own the game, or $4.99 (or equivalent in local currency) for new players. New features include:

Female player character: Who says quests are just for boys?! Now play as either a male or a female hero, with dynamic artwork and text supporting your chosen gender.

Improved magic system: What sorcery is this? Look to the stars for answers! The new 3D spellcasting system is gorgeous and easy to use, eliminating the need to page through the in-game spellbook.

Simple saved game transfer: To continue the adventure, players with the old version of Sorcery! Part 1 will need to find and type in the name of their saved game. But with the update installed, the Sorcery! Part 2 app can grab this data directly -- no hunting and pecking required.

When Sorcery! Part 2 hits in November it will include these new features and much more: double the narrative content of the first game, new enemy types, more complex story branches, a detailed city map that shows Kharé building by building, and other gameplay enhancements. Part 2 can be played on its own, or as a continuing adventure from Part 1.

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