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Moto X camera fix finally rolling out to Verizon variants


You don't have to keep hanging on, Verizon subscribers: that critical Moto X camera fix is rolling out now. Though we've yet to see it on our own handset, Phandroid is reporting that Motorola's over-the-air update has finally passed Verizon's rigorous testing and should be hitting all handsets soon. The update includes a slew of tweaks to refine the accuracy of features like Touchless Controls and Motorola Assist's text-to-speech. But the main improvement most are anticipating concerns the camera. As a refresher, the update (which has already hit T-mobile, Sprint and AT&T variants) should see users enjoying faster focus times, more balanced color representation and better exposure for outdoor shooting. And with that, we can finally put the Moto X's camera foibles to rest.

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