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Nokia Storyteller app offers new way to view your memories, coming to Lumia 1520 (update: video)

Brad Molen

A Nokia product announcement wouldn't be complete without some new Nokia software to go along with it, so what does the company have in store for us this round? Among other things is Storyteller, which -- as the name suggests -- wants to display your photos and videos in the form of stories. It also ties in with Nokia Here maps to show where pictures are taken, and recording with the Lumia 1520's four microphones allows audiophiles to capture directional stereo audio too. It's all meant to give a "richer experience" when you're capturing photos, and later when sharing them with family and friends.

Gallery: Storyteller offers new way to view your memories, coming to Nokia Lumia 1520 | 4 Photos

Update: Nokia just announced Storyteller for its brand new Lumia 2520 tablet, and you can check a video for Storyteller on the Nokia Lumia 1520 after the break.

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