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Organ Trail, Broken Sword, Anomaly Korea take a stab at Humble Bundle


Wonderfully predictable Humble Bundle has added three new games to the Humble Bundle with Android 7: Anomaly Korea from 11-Bit Studios, Broken Sword: Director's Cut from Revolution Software and Organ Trail: Director's Cut from The Men Who Wear Many Hats. Plus, this round adds Europe DLC for Ticket to Ride, a game already included in the Humble Bundle. Get these newbies by paying more than the average price.

Humble Bundle with Android 7 includes Incredipede, Anodyne, Greed Corp and Ticket to Ride (plus USA 1910 DLC) for whatever price you want, with Worms Reloaded and The Bard's Tale thrown in by paying more than the average. All games are available on PC, Mac, Linux and Android, and paying more than $1 grabs Steam keys as well.

Whatever you decide to pay, it can all go to a good cause, or to the developers themselves, or to Humble Bundle.

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