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Apple posts slew of iPad videos, including iPad Air commercial, online


Apple today posted a number of iPad-related videos to its YouTube channel that it first showcased during yesterday's media event.

First up, we have Apple's first commercial for the iPad Air. Titled "Pencil", the commercial cleverly touts how thin the new iPad Air is while driving home the point that it's undeniably a content creation device.

Next we have Apple's video introducing us to the iPad Air. Per usual, Jony Ive is front and center as he details everything that went into the creation of the Air, a device which he notes has been in the works for years.

And finally, we have an Apple produced video titled, "Life on iPad". As the name implies, the video highlights the versatility of the iPad by pointing out the varying number of ways the tablet is used by surgeons, musicians and more. Apple understandably loves putting videos like together, and with good reason.

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