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DayZ standalone in Steam database, Hall says progress 'very good'


DayZ standalone is showing signs of (re)animation, with "DayZ Early Access" popping up in the Steam Database. The Escapist took note of the entry, and pointed out the entry is marked for the USA territory.

"Amazing how quickly the internet picks up on things isn't it," said DayZ lead and creator Dean Hall when we asked him for clarification this morning. "All I can say is that progress has been very good, we're a mix of nervous and excited. And as I'd stated on my twitter when I announced my break from social media/updates, we are on the final lap. Part of the final process involves the actual administration of the release, which is actually surprisingly complex and time-consuming."

Hall previously told us at Gamescom that the team was waiting on the "core network architecture" to complete and then DayZ standalone would be ready for "go time."

Hall concluded, "So, to confirm, there is no release date announcement and we're 100 percent focused on getting the alpha out the door."

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