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Haunting Melissa gets a nice update for iOS 7


I love scary movies, especially in October. Hooked Digital Media's Haunting Melissa is a serialized horror/thriller that's exclusive to the iPhone and iPad, and the brainchild of Hollywood producer Neal Edelstein. The latest version, 2.0, has been completely re-designed for iOS 7 and adds a whole lot of goodies.

This update employs some cool motion effects. For example, each chapter has its own splash page (chapters unlock on their own as you watch previous chapters) that now responds to movement. In the image for chapter one, main character Melissa is depicted in a room that gets progressively darker as you tilt the phone (above). Another scene changes to a different, related image as you tilt the phone, much like a lenticular image.

An enhanced screen-capture tool lets you pause the action and then move forward or backward one frame at a time, so you can grab and share exactly the image you want. What's more, Instagram sharing is built right in. The sound has been improved as well, and the push notifications (if enabled) will potentially scare the pants off of you.

I've seen the movie all the way through at this point and enjoyed it quite a bit. Congratulations to the team at Hooked Digital Media; this is a great update right in time for the most haunted time of the year. Haunting Melissa is free with in-app purchases.

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