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Rose Colored Gaming craftsman claims ownership of Luigi 2DS

Anyone getting their hopes up for the rumored Luigi 2DS might want to mail their heartbreak directly to Matt (also known as wiggy) of Rose Colored Gaming. In a video interview with Second Opinion Games' Wes De, Matt explained how he modified a standard blue 2DS into a Luigified version of the handheld, complete with a Luigi-shaped indentation on the back of the device.

Matt explained that he sent pictures of the device to "quite a few people" and assumes they made their way to blogs from there. The hardware has yet to be posted to RCG, but Matt laughed that he "would have sent them some better pictures" had he known it would gain traction as a rumored impending version of the 2DS.

Matt said he's "beyond flattered" by the excitement his mod has generated, but also that he hopes no one hates him for it not being official hardware. You hear that, internet? No pitchforking! Given Nintendo's fondness for releasing special editions of hardware, however, future special 2DS bundles aren't out of the question.

[Thanks, Wes!]

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