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Earth Defense Force 2025 kills bugs dead in February 2014


Earth Defense Force 2025 brings its particular brand of wanton, surprisingly light-hearted insectoid destruction to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in February of next year.

Having launched in Japan this past July, Earth Defense Force 2025 already has a number of downloadable additions available for it. Unexpectedly, these extras will not remain exclusive to the island nation. "We'll make sure all content from Japan makes it over here at some point, and we'll have more details on all of that in the near future," writes product manager Kaori Takasue.

GameStop will begin accepting pre-orders on EDF2025 as soon as October 29, and along with guaranteeing yourself a copy of the game, the pre-order also brings with it the "Air Raid Weapons Pack." This includes the "BMO3 Vegalta Gold," a weapon that offers temporary flight, radar deflection and a handy flamethrower, as well as the "Pure Decoy Launcher," a device that launches a balloon in the shape of an adorable anime girl. Thanks to video game logic, huge bugs are attracted to this balloon, which subsequently explodes, killing everything nearby.

The details a further three weapons packs, scheduled for release as downloadable content at an as yet undetermined point in the future. Beyond downloadable content, Earth Defense Force 2025 is said to offer players "
more than 700 weapons, dozens more missions, four-player online multiplayer (for the first time on console), high-powered vehicles, and numerous upgrades that you'll need to see to believe."

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