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LotRO holds leveling contest for lifetime membership


Not all who level are lost; on the contrary, a lifetime membership and free copies of the Helm's Deep expansion are being offered as rewards for leveling Lord of the Rings Online characters.

LotRO's new leveling contest could get you one of 16 rewards if you put in the effort during this next month. Players who have a character that reaches level 60 or higher by November 10th will be entered into a drawing to possibly win a lifetime membership, a premium edition of Helm's Deep, or 500 Turbine Points.

Unless your character's at level 85 (which is an automatic contest entry right there), you'll have to advance at least one level between now and November 10th in the level 60-85 range to be entered into the drawing. The cool thing is that you will get a chance to win for every character on your account that achieves this.

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