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Naturespace, a "sonic landscape" app, has a special Halloween surprise


Naturespace is simply one of my favorite apps, and that includes every piece of software I've used since 1978. If you've ever had problems with ringing in the ears or going to sleep, Naturespace could also be one of the greatest things ever. In short, it is a sonic landscape app, with access to dozens of expertly recorded and crafted audio "scenes" that play out in a seamless loop for as long as you wish, all in glorious "holographic" (aka 3D) audio. The quality is breathtaking, the choices are vast and the app is a pleasure to use. Here's a video with some info on how and why they do this.

But since it's Halloween, Naturespace is offering its Thunder God collection for free! That's $10 of content available to our readers for nothing. Plus, on October 31st they'll post a "Trick or Treat" track on their Facebook page.

You can read a review of Naturespace here and or watch our live demo here, but since you can try a few tracks for free there's no reason to not download it and try it. Put on some headphones and lose yourself in the auditory delights of a variety of sonic landscapes and I think you'll agree that this app is a gem on the App Store.

If you're looking to buy a few tracks to really experience the magic of the app, here are some thoughts from one of the guys who produces the audio you'll hear:

"The Ascendancy of The Redwoods" is an epic track. It took us almost a week of recording to create the piece. It's a perfect track for people that have never visited the Redwoods or for people that want to revisit this ancient forest.

We also have three recordings that have trains in them. These recording stand out from the pure nature aspects of the catalog and use our 3D techniques to deliver a truly unique experience. The first called "The Cloud Engine" was created by us by chartering an authentic steam train in the Rocky Mountains. This piece a serious trip back to the 1800's and places the listener on what was considered "advanced tech" back then. The second train piece is called "Serpentine" which includes a fantastic distant train winding through canyons. It is a great piece for anyone whose past holds the sound of trains in the distance. The third piece "The Ghost" is a more ambient steam train experience that puts the listener aboard a train alone. This piece is a ride down into a canyon without the strong "chugging" of "The Cloud Engine". It is meant as a companion piece to "The Cloud Engine".

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