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Report: Buy 2 PS4 launch games, get 1 free at Target


Target is offering 3 for 2 on PlayStation 4 games when the console launches next month, according to an image of a leaked flyer posted on Reddit. The flyer, apparently for deals from November 10-16, indicates each of the games shown and "more in stores" will be eligible. The fine print notes the three games must be different, so don't go trying to hoard all the Killzones, you would-be Killzone hoarders.

It's also worth noting the flyer lists some of the games, like Madden 25, FIFA 14, Assassin's Creed 4, and Battlefield 4, as available starting Tuesday, i.e. November 12. As ever with new system launches, we're seeing next-gen games beat their next-gen consoles to retail shelves. For example GameStop is already selling Killzone: Shadow Fall, if you fancy staring at a box for two weeks. Or just hoarding it.

[Thanks, Punkrawk Bob!]

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