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    Daily iPhone App: Capture and share stunning spherical landscapes using bubbli


    Bubbli from Aria Glassworks is a fresh, new photography app that brings you one step beyond the 3D panorama photo. Unlike panorama shots that capture your environment in a straight line, bubbli uses a sphere to record everything around you. It's an immersive experience that can't be captured in flat panoramic photos.

    Bubbli's recording technique captures elements beyond what you see in front of you and what is hidden behind you. The spherical emphasis of the app allows you to record the dusty road under your feet and the blue skies above your head. Taking a spherical photo is not as easy as taking a quick panorama photo, but it is worth the extra effort as your resulting "bubble" photo is much more immersive.

    Once you've recorded everything in your sphere, all the captured views are stitched together in a photo that you can share. If ambient sounds are an important part of the shot, bubbli also has a built-in audio recorder. You can share your bubbles on Facebook, Twitter, messages or via email.

    People who view your spherical photo can move their iPhone or cursor in all directions to view every nook and cranny of the shot. When captured properly (and that's the hard part), it's almost like being there with the person who took the photo. Recipients can view your shared bubbles in a standard desktop or mobile web browser.

    Bubbli is available for free in the iOS App Store. It's worth a look if you are a shutterbug who enjoys apps that provide a unique angle to a shot.

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