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Nexus 5 launcher and apps ripped from factory image, available for download


Can't wait for your freshly ordered Nexus 5 to show up? This might grab your attention: the Android community has already ripped a handful of the phone's apps from Google's official factory image. Droid-Life has collected the essential applications (calendar, clock, email, camera hangouts, and others), but the full Nexus 5 experience requires Google Play Services, Google Home (the new launcher) and the revamped Google Search, specifically. As always, side-load with caution -- these apps were built specifically for the Nexus 5, and there's no telling how they'll affect a device running Sense or CyanogenMod. It may not be a full upgrade to KitKat, but it could be enough to tide over the impatient. Feeling brave? Check out the list of available apps at the source link below.

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