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This LEGO Steve Jobs is just as adorable as you'd imagine


Etsy is a great place to find odd things, and you don't need to poke around on the site very long to find something unique. Case in point: This ridiculous adorable Steve Jobs figurine crafted from LEGO blocks. From the iconic jeans and black T-shirt to the glasses crafted from transparent blocks, it's a pint-sized spitting image of the Apple co-founder.

The figure is available for a pretty reasonable US$24.86 (I know, that doesn't sound reasonable, but have you seen how much they charge for LEGO sets these days? It's absurd). Of course, if you're not into buying pre-made plastic-block creations, you could always grab your LEGO set and attempt to recreate mini Jobs all on your own.

Note: I'm not recommending you try to make anything out of those notoriously hard-to-work-with tiny blocks. Have you ever tried to peel two of those apart? Say goodbye to your fingernails!

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