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A fond farewell to Polar of GuildOx

Matthew Rossi

It's no secret that we like GuildOx around here. We've covered the ever expanding ways GuildOx has offered services from Flex Raid ranking to mount and pet tracking to achievements and titles. My own personal favorite was the specialization tracking it debuted for both PvE and PvP - I know I've personally often relied on data from GuildOx when writing for the site.

Developer and sole proprietor Polar has announced that he is moving on to pursue other opportunities. Since GuildOx is basically a one person operation, he's looking for someone to come and take over the site and keep it moving forward as we go into the next expansion. If you think you have the time, interest, and skills necessary, contact Polar <at> Best of luck to you in the future, Polar, and best of luck to GuildOx, a very useful service that hopefully will get to stick around for the future!

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