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    Daily iPhone App: Strata is a puzzler that'll challenge your mind while calming your spirit


    Strata is a unique puzzler that uses multi-color ribbons as the core element in the game. The game challenges you to weave together these ribbons in a specific pattern to complete each level. Sounds easy, right? I'll let you answer that question after you've spent a few hours with the game.

    Strata is more than just a test of your ability to create the perfect weave. The game has rules that make mixing the colors of the ribbons in the weave a bit of a challenge. In the early rounds for example, you weave your pattern based on colored squares that are aligned in a grid. Each weave has to end with the ribbon that matches the color of the block underneath it. If you have a purple block, your weave over the block must end with purple. You cannot weave two blue ribbons over that purple block. As your grid expands and your colored blocks start to alternate, you have to really pay attention to what ribbons are going where.

    One feature I love about Strata is its relaxing environment. The graphics are elegant; the colors in the app are soothing; and the music is very calming. You might be working your brain while playing Strata, but you won't be biting your nails. It's a refreshing change to not have a timer breathing down your back while you try to solve a level. If you are a puzzle game fan, then you should take Strata for a whirl. You might find the game fills your free time with a nice mix of mental exercise and Zen-like relaxation.

    Strata is available for US$0.99 in the iOS App Store.

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