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EVE Online unveils the Sisters of EVE ships

Eliot Lefebvre

New ships in EVE Online are kind of a big deal. A new ship isn't just a set of equipment slots, it can represent a whole different way of playing the game. The two newest ships being introduced with the game's next expansion are meant to do precisely that, providing players with a new level of security while exploring hostile space. These ships are the craft of the Sisters of EVE, and they're coming with the game's next major update.

The latest development blog explains that the goal with these ships was to provide more support for solo exploration while allowing the ship to take a variety of different equipment for variable missions. Both classes of ship (the Astero and the Stratios) can use covert cloaks, feature increased scan probe and virus strength, and have extra module space that sacrifices some strength for vesatility. For more details on fitting and obtaining these ships, check out the full development dispatch.

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