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Star Citizen's Roberts on how to crowd-fund

Jef Reahard

If you're looking for a master class in crowd-funded game development, who better to teach it than the man responsible for the most successful crowdfunding project of all time? Star Citizen guru Chris Roberts took the stage at this week's GDC Next to share insights from year one of his space sim sandbox renaissance.

"It's not just about raising money," Roberts explained. "This is the mistake I see a lot of other campaigns make. The best thing about crowdfunding is that you get to build your community early."

He said that the keys for Cloud Imperium's runaway success were building and managing its own fundraising apparatus on its own website as well as involving players in as much of the development process as possible. "There's the game that people are going to be playing, and the one they'll have watching the game get built. The dream is the final game, but the journey is a lot of fun," he said.

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