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The Daily Grind: Should achievements be broadcast to your guild?


Some games do it and some games don't. I'm talking here about broadcasting your achievements automatically to your entire guild. You slay that 500th dragon, ding level 30, or fall to your death for the 10th time, and your guild knows courtesy of the game client being a big gossip. "Hey, did you hear about Syp? Guys, he totally looted the Sacred Gem of Zazzanzorforr!"

But is this a good thing or not? Personally, I like playing MMOs that auto-broadcast achievements because I like knowing what my guildies are up to. I see a lot of mutual encouragement going around due to these messages. However, I also know some folks see these notices as spammy, pointless, or annoying.

Where do you lie on this issue? Should achievements be broadcast to your guild?

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