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Apple still shipping Macs with Mountain Lion installed


Here's one for the "What were they thinking of?" file. David Gerwitz at ZDNet/CBS Interactive ordered a totally tricked-out iMac from Apple after the October 22 event, totally expecting the device to show up with the latest and greatest version of OS X. The order was made on October 28, a full week after OS X Mavericks shipped, and he received the iMac today. Upon taking the shiny big-screen device out of the box and booting it up, he was surprised to find that it wasn't running OS X Mavericks, nor was it even running the most recent version of OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5). Instead, it was loaded with 10.8.4.

Looking at the order page for iMacs on the Apple website, each device is supposed to come fully equipped with OS X Mavericks. Apparently someone in Shenzhen, China didn't get the memo about updating the devices that were ready to ship, since Gerwitz ended up with an OS version more than a month old. Gerwitz, at the time he was writing his post, was still waiting for Mavericks to finish downloading from the Mac App Store.

So, keep your eyes open. That new Mac you just picked up or that showed up at your door today might not be running Mavericks. Fortunately -- at least for those of us with fast internet connections -- it's an easy thing to fix.

In Apple's defense, they DO have a disclaimer on this page that states "If you buy a new Mac that does not come preloaded with OS X Mavericks, Pages, Numbers and Keynote, please visit the following links to learn how to get them for free." Hopefully other buyers who run into this issue will be able to rectify it quickly with a few downloads, but it has to be frustrating to wait...

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