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Microsoft and Facebook team up to offer bug bounties for a safer internet

Nicole Lee, @nicole

In an effort to battle hackers and keep the internet safe and secure, Microsoft has teamed up with Facebook to sponsor an Internet Bug Bounty program that'll offer a cash prize to anyone able to uncover important web vulnerabilities. Rewards range from $300 to $5,000 depending on the severity of the flaws, and might go even higher if the discovery is deemed important enough. Only those in the US will be eligible to receive the prize and the money will have to go through a legal guardian if you're under 12 years old. The security findings must be widespread, severe, novel and not specific to any one site. They'll be judged by a panel of experts from Microsoft, Facebook, Google, security consulting firm iSEC partners and Etsy. It's yet another sign that when it comes to creating a better internet for everyone, tech giants can indeed put their differences aside.

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