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Camelot Unchained has rougher-than-expected development stretch


City State CEO Mark Jacobs has an update on Camelot Unchained's development, and it looks as though the recent "sprint" period was rougher than expected.

"Unfortunately, this sprint was not as successful as the last one. Due to illness and travel, a number of items either were not fully completed or in a couple of cases, didn't get started [...] Now, we still had a good sprint but it wasn't as good as the last one," he wrote in his latest update.

Jacobs said that the team is still working to get infrastructure in place but has basic combat functioning and animations improved. Other interesting tidbits from this dev cycle include hints of the next Camelot Unchained video, the initial concepts for a new race, and work being done on the game's magic system. He reports that the team is on track to begin IT testing in January.

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