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New dogs learn old tricks in Ultra Street Fighter 4


The Street Fighter 3 pugilists invading Ultra Street Fighter 4 won't be mere visual callbacks to the earlier game, they'll also come equipped with fan-favorite attacks.

In a Capcom Unity blog post, producer Tomoaki Ayano details the returning fighters' signature attacks. Rolento leaps into the air before throwing knives, Poison whips a pink projectile, Hugo crushes opponents in his massive, Andre the Giant-inspired hands and Elena extends a leg to kick her foe's head off. If you've spent any amount of time with the later Street Fighter 3 iterations, these attacks will be immediately familiar, and it should please players to see them return in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

As Ayano points out, the moves he outlines are subject to change over the next few months, but it seems unlikely that they'll entirely disappear. The attacks Ayano outlines are iconic in the minds of Street Fighter fans, and if there's one group Capcom would hate to upset, it's the virtual fighting community.

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