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One Shots: A flock of Beholders


Did anyone else watch that absolutely horrid Dungeons & Dragons movie from 2000 starring one of the more annoying Wayans? Just about the only redeeming part of that film was seeing a brief glimpse of a Beholder. I mean, there are few things more D&Dish than Beholders, unless you're going to pull a gelatinous cube out on me.

Reader Don sent in today's featured screenshot that has not just one Beholder but a flock of them. "Here is a shot of me in the Delirium drinking contest on my new DDO Shadar-kai," he writes, "featuring the one and only Pumpkin Beholder from Xoriat."

Pumpkin Beholder: Next Halloween, he comes for you! We've got this and plenty of other great eyecandy for you as you gorge on the leftovers from Halloween, so check 'em out in this week's One Shots.

One Shots A flock of Beholders
We recently had to throw out our family pumpkins, much to the dismay of my toddlers who had grown attached to their bulbous orange presence. I mean, perhaps I shouldn't have dispatched them with a sledgehammer after my kids had given them names, but we've all got to grow up sometime.

I think reader Bill's submission will be of some comfort to those of us who have lost a pumpkin in the line of duty lately. "It's that time of year," he sent in, "and the RIFT crowd who build dimensions are in full swing. Here's a shot of my Rogue in our guild dimension's Halloween pumpkin patch."

One Shots A flock of Beholders
Once upon a time, reader Jarrod took a screenshot in Final Fantasy XIV. He loved this screenshot, for it captured ever-so-perfectly a moment in his character's life when Baby Bun told a story by candlelight. Jarrod hugged and squeezed the screenshot every day, but he knew that he couldn't just keep it to himself. He had to share the screenshot with the world so that all would love it. With a tear in his eye, Jarrod put the picture in an email along with a packed lunch and sent it off to One Shots bootcamp. The screenshot went through the paces under the watchful tutelage of Sergeant Larry, eventually graduating to Screenshot, First Class.

Jarrod came to see his beloved screenshot go off to the column. Even though he promised himself he wouldn't cry, he broke down when the screenshot saluted in his direction.

One Shots A flock of Beholders
Reader Mark shared his entire hard drive's worth of Star Wars: The Old Republic pictures with us a while back. I particularly liked this one, not just because of its artistic framing and junk but because it illustrates perfectly how the game mimics the movies even though it's supposedly set 3,000 years in the past. The Star Wars galaxy has a really, really slow rate of progress, is what I'm saying.

One Shots A flock of Beholders
For this week's screenshot challenge, I'd like you to send me a picture of something that made you laugh (and an explanation as to why it did so would be dandy, too). Also, I'm still looking for Warhammer Online screenshots for a send-off column, so if you've returned to the game, please take a minute to capture a favorite location or two!

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