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Check out these new images of Apple Campus 2


Exterior shots of Apple's new Cupertino campus have made the rounds since the project was made public in late 2011. The most popular image shows the circular building, which has been dubbed the "spaceship" campus thanks to its UFO-like shape. A set of newly discovered renderings were spotted in Cupertino's public archives and republished by Wired.

The new drawings show off different parts of the campus including the entrance to the building, the parking garage, an outdoor lounging area for employees and more. There's also plan details for an underground auditorium, which will feature a glass pavilion as its entrance.

New plan details reveal the transformation the site will take under the stewardship of Apple. The mostly built-up location will be transformed into a parcel that is part building, part nature preserve. Lining the perimeter of the campus will be a dense stand of trees, while the interior shown below will include stands of cherry (pink), apricot (orange), olive (brown) and, of course, apple trees (yellow).

You can view additional renderings of Apple's Campus 2 on Wired's website.

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