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Humble Store launches, skips the Bundles and flash sales


Man can not live by flash sales alone... or something like that. Humble Bundle, the premier destination for pay-what-you-want bi-weekly packages of indie games knows that. And so today it launched a new store front, appropriately called The Humble Store. Instead predetermined groups of games being offered in one shot, you can buy individual titles at any time. Titles are hand selected by the Humble team, but your choices will be much broader than could possibly fit in a single Bundle. New games will be added every day as the Humble Store builds its library, starting with a number of deeply discounted options, including 'Don't Starve.'

As with the Bundles and Weekly Sales, a portion of the proceeds go to charity. However, unlike those chances to set the split, a standard 10 percent of your money is earmarked for groups like the American Red Cross, Child's Play, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Of course, every little bit helps. So, what are you waiting for, hit up the Humble Store and get shopping.

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