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Community Blog Topic Results: Continuing to mix PvP with PvE


For our last Community Blog Topic, we asked about continuing to mix PvP with PvE.

bengstra would like PvE and PvP completely separated.

I have long held they need to keep their PvP out of my PvE. It is simply impossible to balance and one side or the other is constantly being impacted by the side they want, and have, no part in. This makes for constant ping ponging and frustration (think Stampede for a text book example of ping ponging).

Fizzl agrees, as far as spells.

What you SHOULDN'T do, is nerf PVE abilities because of PVP. Blizz is changing functionality in PVP more and more and I think it's time they just went for broke and have PVP versions and PVE versions of spells.
kibacore has a solution.
Give us a pvp spec slot. Then you can nerf that spec and its spells. Call them pvpXXXX spell then you can screw the numbers all you want. A nice clean pvp and pve world.
Astalnar at Cogitationes Astalnaris doesn't want the spells and skills to be separated.
But to separate all the skills... I think this is taking it too far. Not only considering it would take great amount of time, it would also bring the split among playerbase. It is one thing to require whole sets of gear if you want to PvP or PvE. It is entirely different thing if you want to create whole new style of playing of a certain class in PvP environment.
JeffLaBowski at Sportsbard has some suggestions for changing how PvP is incorporated into PvE, including:
A 5-man instance where at some point, you cross paths with a 5 man party of the opposite faction. You kill them or even win an objective and get bonus loot (gear, points, pets). This would be in a Tol Barad/Wintergrasp type zone. A model that they probably won't go back to, since they seem to like the Timeless Isle and how it works.
ieditone has a solution for the PvP quests in PvE content:
Perhaps a solution would be, if the technology is there, to create a separate server with a separate ability to log into it that's strictly for people doing the Wrathion quest line. You'd queue for it the same as for other PvP battlegrounds. Then, you're sent to either the mine or the temple, whichever one you haven't completed, and you'd be with people who are there because the quest forces you to be there. The problem with this is that those of us who are willing to help our fellow guild members wouldn't be able to do so, because, you can't queue for it if you've finished this part or aren't on it. This way, those of us doing those BG's during their Call to Arms times know we'll be with people wanting to be there, not forced because of a quest.
Nurpholomew suggests another way to get PvEers to PvP.
I feel that making the PVP game more complete in and of itself will incentivize PVE players to give it a try. Offer PVP players some exclusive content. Give them some really cool gear or a legendary item or two that is completely PVP earned. Set up a Wintergrasp situation that is constantly ongoing with battles on the hour lasting 50 minutes or so with spoils for the winners and make faction city raids instanced content that PVP guilds and players can queue for instead of barking in trade like old school PVE.
Eliza's only problem with PvP in PvE is with the School of Hard Knocks.
My bugaboo with the Children's Week crap is that half of it makes you do things that either A) have nothing to do with the BG objectives, or B) actually go against the objectives to finish your achievement. I understand why PvPers hate that holiday as much as some PvEers do. "Gj Blizz, thanks for telling all the noobs to come ruin our BG."
Tirrimas says
I don't mind a bit of mix as long as it makes sense and those who don't want it aren't forced into it.
NicholasPatterson1 has this to say
I think what they have now is fine. If you strictly pve you may have to dabble in pvp here and there. However if you strictly pvp you have to get gold from some source which means weekly grinding. If they separate the two there will have to be a steady flow of gold from pvp activities.
Bhuta would like to see more of a mix.
I want them even closer together than they are now, they are both very important to the game. That said, I don't want the hassle of maintaining two sets of gear. Badass, endgame gear should be just that... badass endgame gear. Doesn't matter if you spend your days grinding it in raids or arenas... you did the grind, you got the gearscore... you should be competitive in either (with one set of gear). Streamline the stats already... and make the gear interchangeable.
GearJin explains a problem with completely separate PvP.
I wish there was a way to actually progress through PvP. I've done the quests to the point that I simply to not care about them any more. But yet, I have to quest or do instances simply because there is little/no gear as you're leveling through PvP. And while the gear that is there used to be rather good in PvE (enough that even a BG or two would be worth getting it), it is now far enough behind the random PvE items you get in satchels (let alone the revamped drops).
Loco makes a good point.
Why do so many people think of the Legendary Cloak as a PvE item and not a GAME item?

It's a piece of gear for playing the game, not just for one aspect of it. When you get it your gear will improve in both PvE and PvP.
MarquesaOfDrend describes how the legendary cloak is not optional.
The cloak is not particularly optional in current PvE content. SoO is designed around the player having it. A player without it (me) nerfs his raid. I'm glad my raid group brings the player not the character. I know of many raid groups in which I'd be out on my ear for not having the cloak.
DonPrentice has an interesting view on the subject.
It's important to remember that there are no "PVE" realms. All World of WARCRAFT realms are PVP Enabled, and it is a core part of the game design.

Other MMO's in the past actively restricted PVP to specific realms and rulesets, and it didn't mix with their PVE ruleset realms.

WoW broke out of that mold in many ways, with optional flagging, battle grounds, and permitting world PvP on "Normal" realms, as well as force flagging, open conflict on "PVP" realms.
Overall, we heard from both PvPers and PvEers. Most of the comments were for separating PvP and PvE completely, from quests to skills.

Do you have an idea for a future Community Blog Topic? If so, please leave it in the comments below.

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