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DIWire hits Kickstarter, is already doing just fine, thank you very much

Brian Heater

It's been a good week over at Pensa Labs. On Sunday, the Brooklyn-based team walked off with the $10,000 judges' prize from our Insert Coin competition and now its Kickstarter project's already crossed the $64k mark (out of a $100k goal). In fact, we'd suggest that it doesn't even need this coverage, but we're too smitten with the device to skip it. For those who weren't at the Javits Center over the weekend (and managed to go a couple of days without checking in on this site), DIWire is a desktop CNC wire bender. That means you enter the designs and it'll shape a piece of metal wire accordingly. The applications for prototyping and artwork are pretty clear -- and once this thing is actually out in the world, we'll no doubt see all sorts of cool uses its creators never dreamt up. All of the $2,500-level awards are now gone, so the cheapest you'll be able to get one for is $2,750. No firm date on shipping for the product beyond mid-2014 at this point.

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