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Patch 5.4.1: New Recruit-a-Friend system explained


Patch 5.4.1 brings the much-vaunted new Recruit-a-Friend system, and Blizzard has put together a great video guide to the new system. Much of the system is very similar, but it's all carried out in-game now, with emails being sent from inside the game rather than via As the video clarifies, all your friend has to do is open an email and follow the simple instructions.

Grantable levels, 300% XP boost, and the summoning of linked account friends in a party with you remains the same. And, as WoW Insider recently reported, the Recruit-a-Friend bonuses now extend to level 85.

By far the biggest change is the rewards. Once your friend has purchased game time, you'll get a notice that you're eligible for rewards. The reward is chosen in-game from a browser accessed via the friends list, and you can pick from exclusive battle pets, the new Emerald Hippogryph mount, and every previous recruit-a-friend mount.

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