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Sony discussing 'how and when' the PS4 will get CD and MP3 playback

Alexis Santos

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News that the PS4 can't play MP3s or CDs out of the box caught many off guard, and it turns out the backlash also surprised Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios head, and other folks at the company. While Yoshida previously announced that he'd conferred with the PS4 developer team about the matter, he revealed in an interview with Giant Bomb that "the systems guys are discussing how and when we can put these features on PS4." In addition, the head honcho says DLNA support is being looked at as well.

Oh, and stow away your tinfoil hats, as the PlayStation boss says the functionality omission wasn't part of an elaborate ploy to rack up more Music Unlimited subscriptions. Instead, he says game features took priority when it came to launch day software, while media-focused ones took the back seat. "We didn't really think about MP3 or DLNA," Yoshida said. "We thought, 'we're going to do that eventually.' We've been doing it with all the products, so it caught us off guard." For now, you can rely on your Xbox One to spin your CDs -- and play MP3s as a PlayTo device -- or blow some dust off that stereo system of yours.

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