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Daily iPhone App: Zombie games are alive and well with Dead Trigger 2


There's no shortage of zombie games on the App Store, and many of them vary greatly in terms of quality, which makes taking a chance on a new undead romp a somewhat risky affair. But if you're looking for a zombie-slaying adventure that plays nearly as well as a proper console or PC release, look no further than Dead Trigger 2.

Dead Trigger 2 is a first-person shooter set in a near-future where a zombie plague has ravaged the United States. With nothing but a wrench and a handgun to defend yourself, you begin your journey roaming alleyways and dilapidated buildings before meeting your first companion. It's a somewhat generic storyline, but the real treat here is the gameplay itself.

As you can see by the screenshots, Dead Trigger 2 is a gorgeous game, and it plays just as well as it looks. Using your thumbs as virtual analog sticks on either side of the screen, you can move fluidly as you dodge and dispatch hundreds of shambling monsters. Firing a gun or swinging a weapon is done automatically as long as you have an enemy in your crosshairs, which helps keep the action extremely fast paced.

After the first few missions, you are introduced to a central hub where you can craft items, purchase upgrades and choose your next mission. As is so common these days, you can drop some cash on in-app purchases and get an upper hand, but I'd advise against using this option unless it's absolutely necessary as it takes away a great deal of survival aspect.

My singular complaint about the game is that my iPhone 5s actually got quite hot when I played the game. The back of the device in particular became almost uncomfortably warm. I'm not sure if this is an isolated occurrence -- if there's something wrong with my phone itself, for instance -- or if the ridiculous graphics the game is producing are pushing the iPhone 5s' internals to the boiling point.

Being free to play, Dead Trigger 2 is a great game whether you're looking for a long-term adventure over many sittings or simply a quick and brutal distraction. Either way, you'll likely be left with a smile on your face.

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