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Glitch assets freely available to public

MJ Guthrie

Those who have mourned the closure of the 2-D browser sandbox Glitch now have a new way to revel in the memories: all of the game's art and animation assets. Tiny Speck has released everything into the public domain, so instead of only owning just a hardcover book of Glitch's art, fans can actually get their hands on the art and use it for whatever they want. What's included? Everything really, even the kitchen sink! President Stewart Butterfield said,
"The team at Tiny Speck put years of work into the art for Glitch: many thousands of hours by a hugely talented team [spent] on illustration, animation, character designs, effects, avatar systems and environmental. The game didn't make it, but [we] couldn't stand the thought of all of that creative work shuttered away forever. Making it freely available to all as a public good is a worthy legacy for the project. We hope it will be useful for other creative projects, from student and artistic work to unfettered commercial use."
[Source: Tiny Speck press release]

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