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The new iPad mini's Retina display isn't quite as colorful as it could be


Apple's new baby iPad comes with a pixel-pushing Retina display, but the stat sleuths at AnandTech have now declared that while the screen is indeed a fantastic addition to the smaller iPad, it's a bit color-blind. According to the test results, the iPad mini w/ Retina is only marginally better than its non-Retina predecessor in terms of things like saturation and contrast, and in some categories (like white-level brightness) it's actually a small step down from the original mini.

When Apple revealed that the Retina mini would come with the same A7 chip as is found in the iPad Air, the line between what the two higher-resolution iPads were capable of became extremely blurred. Now, it seems we can add overall color performance as one of the few things the iPad Air has to hold over the head of its little brother.

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