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Vlambeer's Luftrausers unlikely to take to the skies before early 2014


Super Crate Box dev Vlambeer said it won't release dogfighter Luftrausers before early 2014 "unless a miracle happens." While it's the season for such things, the indie dev believes a 2013 release window is "unlikely" because the PS3, Vita, and Steam game has still to undergo quality assurance.

The Luftrauser sequel was first due in 2012, but Vlambeer admitted development hasn't been the smoothest - and that's without mentioning any thievery or clones.

"The way we worked with Luftrausers, in hindsight, wasn't really optimal," the company's blog notes. "We assumed that certification would be harsh, but didn't expect it to take more than a month or two. While a part of our team was already focusing on Nuclear Throne and Ridiculous Fishing, we kept being pulled back to fix things or add last minute changes to the game to fit within the requirements. Switching between projects in such different states mentally is extremely exhausting, and a lot of our time was spent orienting on where the game was and where it needed to go."

Elsewhere, progress has been steadier. An Android version of Ridiculous Fishing is on the way soon, while Nuclear Throne sold more than 10,000 copies across its first two weeks on Steam Early Access.

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