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Galaxy Gear smartwatch hack lets you browse the web from your wrist

Sharif Sakr

Acknowledged, a full web browser may not be the most useful thing to run on a 1.6-inch touchscreen, but that's almost not the point here. What matters is that Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch now has its own custom ROM, courtesy of an XDA member called fOmey. The modded software side-steps a number of the manufacturer's locks and limitations, letting the device run third-party apps, widgets, wallpapers and interfaces like Nova Launcher. Bluetooth tethering is enabled too, apparently allowing the watch to grab a web connection from any smartphone that supports the protocol. It's hard to say for sure how smoothly it all runs, due to a lack of feedback from Gear owners so far (or perhaps a lack of Gear owners, period), but you'll find full instructions at the source link if you want to give it a go.

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