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Russian internet titan stakes claim in US with email and chat apps, mobile games


We wouldn't be surprised if you've never heard of -- after all, it's huge in Russia, but not in the US. In an effort to carve out a space for itself in America, the company has launched a trio of products under its US-based brand (no, not, including an Android and iOS email client called myMail. Its clean looks and features are reminiscent of the Dropbox-owned Mailbox app, and it includes real-time notifications and a slide-out menu. myMail takes things further, however, by adding avatars and an auto-night mode that disables pings during times you specify. Next on the list is an IM app named myChat that also offers free voice and video calls à la Viber and Tango.

Both of the aforementioned services are free, but aims to subsidize the costs of running them with revenue from its new mobile gaming portal called myGames. Its roster of games is looking short at the moment, but titles range from Texas Hold 'Em to combat strategy and farm simulation. Obviously, the company's facing some very tough competition, and it needs to claw its way up to earn significant name recognition stateside -- a feat even its acquisition of ICQ couldn't help it accomplish.

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