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Need money for a new Moto X? Motorola's got a financing fix for that


Google's all about getting you to spend, spend, spend money these days. While the search giant just announced a very plastic means of dipping into your Wallet, its Motorola arm's taking the financing route. Backed by Comenity Capital Bank, Motorola's offering users a no money down way to buy a Moto X or any of its other mobile wares -- so long as you pay it off within the promo period. Motorola Credit's pretty much the equivalent of signing up for a credit card -- just without the actual card -- so be mindful there are fine print strings attached, like a 29 percent APR. You also still have to go through the requisite approval process, but once that's cleared, you're free to spend above your means. But really, no phone's worth the potential debt, so think hard before you sign on the dotted line.

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