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Narrato Journal updated with new web-publishing feature for sharing your daily entries


Narrato Journal received a face-lift last month when the app was updated for iOS 7. Besides a new look and feel, the app also added support for the M7 motion coprocessor and enabled social sharing of entries via Facebook, Twitter and AirDrop. A follow-up update hit the App Store today and expanded upon these third-party services and sharing features.

Narrato now has deeper integration with Facebook and, with both of these networks now added to your Lifestream. Since Facebook is now more prominent in the app, Narrato decided to add the social network as a login option. There are a few other little features like confirmation before deleting a post and improved background syncing in iOS 7.

The biggest addition is a new web-publishing feature that lets you share specific journal entries with specific people via the web. The new "Publish to Web" option will generate a unique URL that you can share. Unlike most apps, which assume you want to publish your thoughts to the world, Narrato keeps all your web entries private until you decide to share them. The web journals have a blog-like feel without all the hassle of setting up a real blog.

You can check out Narrato for free in the iOS App Store. It's a freemium title that provides up to 60 MB of entry uploads each month that are synced between devices. If you need more space for your entries, you can pay for a 250 MB Pro account (US$0.99 per month or $4.99 per year) or pony up for the unlimited Awesome account ($4.99 per month or $39.99 per year).

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