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Perfect World unveils New Horizons expansion


Perfect World Entertainment has just announced an all-new expansion for its flagship MMO Perfect World International, titled New Horizons. The expansion includes features both big and small, from the introduction of a trading card game to the optimization of early-level content.

Perhaps the biggest change landing with New Horizons is the Ascension system, which allows you to take a level 100 or higher character back to level one and re-level through Perfect World's content. Ascended characters are more powerful than their non-ascended counterparts and will have access to special new "heights." Also on deck: streamlined starting zones, UI tweaks, new skills, new titles, new gear, new quests, and new everything else you'd expect with an MMO expansion.

New Horizons is set for launch sometime this winter. Check out the screenshot gallery below for a first-look view of the expansion's zones and dungeons.

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