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Haiku Deck updates iPad app, launches web-based cloud version


Making presentations is a harsh reality of modern business life. Eventually you'll have to use PowerPoint or Keynote to sell your ideas. But there are alternatives for people who find those presentation options heavy handed and difficult to use. For more than 800,000 iPad users, the go-to alternative is Haiku Deck, a simple app that quickly helps you build presentations using Creative Commons-licensed photos to give your work an extra layer of quality.

As a TUAW reader, you can enjoy early access to the new web app! More on that later in this post.

Haiku Deck has been a joy for iPad users, regularly landing at the top of the App Store's productivity charts around the world. Today Haiku Deck is expanding beyond your iPad with a powerful new cloud-based browser version. The online deck keeps the iPad version's commitment to building simple slides that focus on one idea at a time, emphasizing the interplay between your words and images.

Because the new desktop app is cloud-based, a user can start building a presentation on their iPad, save their work and then pick right back up where they left off in the web app. That's very convenient for "emergencies" like an iPad that's low on power or a significant other who needs to use it. To get this functionality, you will need to update to version 2.3 of Haiku Deck for iPad, which is already in the iTunes store.

When you're done building your presentation, your work can be shared via the bowser, iPad app or exported to a PDF or PowerPoint format.

Currently the web app is invite only, but if you'd like to try the web version of Haiku Deck without waiting, we've got an early access link to share with you. Haiku Deck has given us its blessing to share our early access link, so click here to get started now. We've played with it over the last few days and it provides the same clean experience you've come to expect from its iPad incarnation.

You can find the updated version of the iPad app in the iTunes store right now. If you're a power user of Haiku Deck, this web app is sure to be a welcome addition to the platform.

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